ton-blockchain/wallet-desktop - TON Testnet Wallet for desktops.
toncenter/tonweb - TonWeb - JavaScript SDK
toncenter/ton-wallet - TON Web Wallet is a free, client-side interface helping you interact with the TON blockchain.
andreypfau/intellij-ton - TON Development for the IntelliJ IDEs
toncenter/ton-http-api - Since TON nodes uses its own ADNL binary transport protocol.
ton-blockchain/token-contract - Fungible, Non-Fungible, Semi-Fungible Tokens Smart Contracts
ton-blockchain/wallet-contract - Wallet v4 is proposed version of wallet to replace v3 or older wallets.
toncenter/dapp-example - TON dApp example using TON Wallet Plugin.
akifoq/TonToken - The contract essentially proxies token holder requests, parallely updating balances map.
ton-blockchain/bridge - TON-ETH-bridge
nkr413/ton-searcher - TON blockchain explorer for JS
tonwhales/vanity-contract - Create vanity address to any contract on TON.
PythoNyashka/empty-smc - Fift a script that allows you to prepare deploy messages of an empty smart contract.